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Brahma Vihara Retreat nov 2021

Brahma Vihara Retreat nov 2021

This event has been held

The Brahma Viharas, online meditation retreat 12 -17 nov 2021, Led by Advayasiddhi and Vajrapriya

How to meet difficulties with an open heart and a big mind?

In fact, how to meet everything that way?

A traditional Buddhist answer is to strengthen the Brahma Viharas and unlock the secret potential of our being’s capacity to live with love, compassion, joy and equanimity; to live with courageous wisdom whatever we encounter in life.

The retreat will be a mixture of input, practice, ritual and a chance to engage with each other.
The plan is also to offer meditation reviews to those who would like so.

The retreat is open to all experienced meditators in Triratna with 3 years+ experience. If you are in doubt if it is suitable for you, please get in touch

Starts Friday 12 Nov at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT/ 21:00 EET) and ends Wednesday 17 Nov in the evening

The retreat is run on Dana: please join if you can, and if you can give, great.

Booking is here:

Advayasiddhi and Vajrapriya are old friends, and both very committed meditators. We both have extensive experience of leading retreats and helping people make the most of their meditation and Dharma practice.


The timings have been made so they especially cater for people in Europe, but you are welcome wherever you are in the world. The language will be (simple) English.

TimingsCET (Mainland Europe)GMT (UK, Ireland)EET (Finland etc.
Morning meditation08:00 – 09:0007:00 – 08:0009:00 – 10:00
Morning session11:00 – 13:0010.00 – 12:0012:00 – 14:00
Groups 30 min (+ break)16.00 – 16:3015:00 – 15:3017:00 – 17:30
Afternoon session16:45 – 17:4515:45 – 16:4517:45 – 18:45
Evening session20:00 – 21:0019:00 – 20:0021:00 – 22:00

Making the retreat work for you

We invite you to do what is most helpful for you to make the retreat work for you, in whatever circumstances you happen to be in. Our experience from the online events during the pandemic is that an online retreat can be as effective as meeting in person, IF YOU CREATE THE CONDITIONS for it to be so.

That means, thinking a bit ahead, and planning what might be supportive for you.

As with any retreat, reducing input, putting your mobile phone and any gadgets away, as well as avoiding the news and tv will be helpful. If you are at home, this might mean covering the tv with a nice cloth during the retreat, doing your shopping ahead of time, and telling your friends and family that you are on retreat, just as you would normally do if you go away.

Maybe you are able to actually go away, perhaps with a friend, perhaps on your own. Or maybe you can create supportive conditions in your home or somewhere else. Whatever you do, make sure you make the retreat work for you, in your circumstances.

If you are in the middle of familiy life or other commitments and that’s ok. Maybe you can’t make everything, but commit to what you can, and make sure to make supportive conditions for the sessions you do attend (have a room to yourself during the sessions, turn the phone off, etc etc).

You are very welcome to arrange your own groups, if you want to meet with people who speak the same language, your TFO/GFR group, or your local people.