Online Retreat 2023

Online Retreat 2023

Opening to Life

Online Meditation Retreat dates TBC, led by Advayasiddhi with Cecilia

Open to experienced meditators in Triratna.

Welcome to an online meditation retreat with Advayasiddhi and Cecilia. Dates are still to be confirmed.

This is a chance to meet and meditate together, in supportive conditions with some teaching input, rituals and guided meditations, whilst also being able to practice in the lives and circumstances we happen to live in right now.

We will look at the theme from different aspects, what it means to open to life – to our present moment experience, to ourselves, to the world – and most importantly to enlightenment, reality as it is, moment to moment.

Program is below (the usual style), we start on the Thursday with the morning teaching sessions, and end after the last evening session on the Saturday.

Booking can happen HERE

There will be a chance to join a daily reflection group as well as have individual meditation reviews.  The retreat is run on Dana and we invite you to join from wherever you are in the world. Suitable for those with experience of Triratna and a regular meditation practice (3+ years).

Practical Info

BOOKING can happen on the form HERE (or you can send an email to with your name, centre and how long you have been praticing with Triratna).

Dates  To be confirmed 🙂

Dana / Price. You choose what you give, so please feel free to join no matter what your financial circumstances are (and yes, you are welcome to have a free retreat, if that is what your situation call for right now). Donations are welcome and needed, as they allow me to keep leading retreats, and we will provide info on how to give on the info email.

Retreat Leader  Advayasiddhi is an experienced Dharma and Meditation teacher, and much loved for her lightness, depths and her humour. She has been involved in sharing the Dharma for more than 20 years and has been a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 2007. She loves to help people deepen their practice and has extensive experience of doing so.

Team Cecilia is this a dedicated meditator and an incredibly kind and encouraging being. She is connected with Stockholm Buddhist Center, where she often is involved with retreats at Dharmagiri as well as leads study. She has supported Advayasiddhi on a number retreats and is a complete gem!

Contact email

Timings  The timings are made so they cater for people across Europe, but you are welcome wherever you are in the world. The language will be (simple) English.

TimingsGMT (UK, Ireland)CET (Mainland Europe)EET (Finland etc.
Optional meditation7:00 – 8:00 am08:00 – 09:0009:00 – 10:00
Morning session10:00 – 12:00 am11.00 – 13:0012:00 – 14:00
Groups 30 min (+ break)3.00 – 3:35 pm16:00 – 16:3517:00 – 17:35
Afternoon session3:45 – 4:45 pm16:45 – 17:4517:45 – 18:45
Evening session7:00 – 8:00 pm20:00 – 21:0021:00 – 22:00

Making the retreat work for you

We invite you to do what is most helpful for YOU. So make the retreat work for you, in whatever circumstances you happen to be in.

Our experience from the online events during the pandemic is that an online retreat can be as effective as meeting in person, IF YOU CREATE THE CONDITIONS for it to be so. That means, thinking a bit ahead, and planning what might be supportive for you.

As with any retreat, reducing input, putting your mobile phone and any gadgets away, as well as avoiding the news and tv will be helpful. If you are at home, this might mean covering the tv with a nice cloth during the retreat, doing your shopping ahead of time, and telling your friends and family that you are on retreat, just as you would normally do if you go away.

And if you do the retreat in the middle of busy family life or other commitments, that is fine too, then maybe find out which sessions you commit to doing, and create some quiet and beautiful space around those – if that is possible.

Maybe you are able to actually go away, perhaps with a friend, perhaps on your own. Or maybe you can create supportive conditions in your home or somewhere else. Whatever you do, make sure you make the retreat work for you, in your circumstances.